Zojirushi Supreme Bread Machine

The Zojirushi Supreme, is Zojirushi's top of the line Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker. Zojirushi makes machines that are both geared for the beginner and loaded with options for the expert bread maker.

The Zojirushi BB CEC20

We purchased a Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker from Amazon. The packaging by Amazon was adequate, and the packaging of the Zojirushi in its own box made it secure and well-protected. The machine arrived in perfect condition. The Zojirushi Supreme Breadmaker is a big machine, no mistake. This could be a problem for small kitchens or people who want to tuck the machine away in a small pantry space. Yet the size ensures a lot of bread making capacity and the solid construction and sharp design are reassuring. Like all of the high-end Zojirushi models, the Home Bakery has a convenient hand-hold designed into the ends near the base of the machine, making it easier to move around on the counter and carry about.

The glossy instruction manual is easy to read and well-illustrated as a classy magazine. There is an excellent overview and all functions and maintenance are clearly dealt with. It is everthing an instruction manual should be and not delivered in 17 languages that requires the reader to sift through a lot on undeciferable verbiage.

The lid is positioned high above the pan to prevent high-rising breads from sticking. There is a wide viewing screen ensuring a good view to the user in case she needs to see what is going on inside the machine. This is an especially good feature for making additions between cycles. Unfortunately, like most bread-machine windows, the light must be at just the right angle to see what is going on within the bread pan.

Dual paddles are common in bread machines now-a-days. This is because they can be a great advantage in mixing the dough. They tend to be superior to single paddle machines especially in wider bread pans. The twin paddles in the Zojirushi are especially beneficial when cooking breads that require thorough mixing, for example gluten free and whole wheat breads.

We tried out several breads mostly by the manufacturer's recipes. We thought the basic white bread almost too tall. But reducing the recipe produced a good loaf. It was more than acceptable and tended to be slightly more chewy than bread made in single paddle machines. We also made bread dough by using our own basic dough recipe. The dough was up to standard. We also wanted to try out a specialty bread, so we made gluten free bread. This turned out to be of remarkably high-quality, and was relatively easy compared to past attempts in other machines.

The Zojirushi Supreme has lots of cycles (10 to be exact) including: basic, quick basic, basic wheat, quick wheat, dough, quick dough, jam, cake, and homemade. The crust color can also be set for most of the cycles. The choices are light, medium, and dark. When making darker crusts, expect them also to be thicker. This bread machine will also make meat loaf using one of the three special recipe settings.

There is a 13-hour programmable timer to allow the user to prepare ingredients far ahead of baking times. We found this to work fine. The Zojirushi Supreme also has a quick dough and a quick bake cycle - which takes two hours, but requires fast rising flour. The preheat functions takes the guesswork out of rising times. The temperature of the ingredients in the pan is regulated throughout the kneading and rising cycles. The negative side of these careful cycles is that it takes longer to make bread in the Zojirushi than in many other machines. A regular loaf of white bread takes 3:30 in the Zojirushi, while an older test machine in our possession will produce (a somewhat smaller loaf) in 2:10. The dough times are similarly longer.

The control panel is conveniently located on a slanted surface so the user does not have to crane her or his neck over the top of the machine to operate. The horizontal, traditional style loaf is also nice to have and makes better presentation at mealtime than the square or very-tall loaves produced by the vertical pans. Even after baking several loaves, we were not troubled by having to remove the paddles from the bread. However, this is always a possibility. Only once did we have difficulty removing bread from the pan after it had baked. Nevertheless, a plastic spatula freed the bread and a few shakes of the pan (inverted) dropped the loaf neatly on a cutting board.

All in all, the Zojirushi is highly recommended by It can be purchased through Amazon.

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