Toastmaster 1148X

***Note: This item no longer generally available.***

The Toastmaster 1148x may not be one of the most advanced machines on the market, but it does have all the tools you need to make bread quickly and easily.

breadmakerThe Toastmaster has a vertical pan, which means that the loaves generally come out taller than they are long. It has one paddle and will bake 1 through 2 pound loaves. It has an easy-to-keep clean membrane type key pad that controls time setting up to 13 hours long. It will cook bread in a variety of styles including basic medium, dark, and light - whole wheat, sweet breads, French bread, and it will even make dough.

This machine has a fast bake cycle that runs under one hour! This can be handy when company is coming over and you forgot the bread until the last minute. In order to use this cycle, you need special fast rising yeast, and though the bread is quite good, it may be a bit more dense than your usual loaf.

The normal cycles run just over three hours and are the ones that you will most want to use. It will beep at the appropriate times so that you can add ingredients for special breads (such as raisin bread and cheese bread). There is a warm cycle that will keep the bread warm in the pan for up to three hours after baking if you cannot get it out right away.

The Toastmaster has had mixed reviews from customers at Nevertheless, all things considered, the staff at rate the Toastmaster 1148X a good buy at under $100.00. It can be purchased through

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