Wonder Mill Review

The Wonder Mill Grain Mill makes exceptional flour. With variable grinding levels it will make everything from pastry flour to course grain.

We were sent a review model of the Wonder Mill by the manufacturer in June of 2011. We tested it on pastry and a variety of breads including French bread, cinnamon bread, and dinner rolls. We acquired our wheat at an Amish store on Germania Road north of Marlette in the Thumb of Michigan.

The packaging for shipping of the mill within the box is well-engineered. Ours arrived in mint condition. It comes with the mill itself, a 12 cup container with lid to hold processed flour, a convenient filtered cap (with attached tube) which transfers the flour from the mill into the container. There is also a small instruction booklet.

Like any other appliance the instruction book should be read before use as it does describe some essential facets for the operation of the Wonder Mill. Yet this should not be a chore as the instructions are well-written, concise and not burdensomely long. The essential information is that the mill should be turned on before adding the grain and let run for five seconds after the grinding is complete in order to clean out the grinding chamber. The booklet also contains several recipes which will prove helpful to the bread-making novice.

To operate, the filter cap is firmly attached to the receptacle and the tube placed into the output port of the mill. This is simply done as the pieces are engineered to fit together without buckles or screws of any kind. The actual production of flour is surprisingly easy. Just turn on the mill and begin to add cups to the hopper. Up to eight cups can be ground at a time before the receptacle is full. Three cups of grain will, amazingly enough, produce four to five cups of flour.

We produced flour only as needed and found it to be quite convenient. We were pleasantly surprised to find that flour dust remained well contained in the receptacle and the cleanup of the machine to be negligible. The grinding chamber is self-cleaning and only the filter lid needs to be cleaned on occasion.

Probably the most important aspect of the machine is that it produces excellent flour. Our flour was slightly brown and made very nice bread. Flour ground on the bread setting made an excellent standard wheat bread. Our test using our own French bread recipe made a slightly more grainy loaf than we are used to, but it was still delicious. Next we made cinnamon bread which proved so popular with our staff that we ran out of cinnamon. We tried substituting all-spice for cinnamon and found an incredible combination that we will surely try again. The coarse setting makes very good bread. We made muffins from flour ground at the pastry setting. They were also very well received.

The Wonder Mill runs exceptionally quiet when compared with other grain mills. Nevertheless, especially when running at start up, it does create a high pitched sound that will drown out most other kitchen noises. Yet it grinds so fast that we seldom had to run it for more than a minute or two at a time.

The unit is attractive enough that it may be stored on the counter top. It takes up about as much room as a blender. The receptacle is very convenient for flour storage and keeps the flour as fresh as any other container.

The Wonder Mill is a convenient and useful device and is highly recommended by It can be purchased through Amazon.

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