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EatSmart Kitchen Scale Review

The EatSmart Kitchen Scale is a highly accurate battery powered scale. We received ours via the mail, it was well-packaged and arrived in prime shape. The first thing we thought to do was test the accuracy of the machine.

One of the staff knew that nickels weighed five grams, so one was quickly produced and tossed on the scale. The scale was dead on. The addition of another nickel gave us ten grams and pretty soon we had a pile of nickels on the machine. The readout was exactly five times the number of nickels.

There are two buttons on the machine one resets the scale to zero, the other changes the denomination. A couple of pushes of the button quickly brought up ounces. Another of our staff knew that a quarter is exactly .20 of an ounce. So we stacked quarters on the scale and got the same accurate results as before.

EatSmart Kitchen Scale and Box Contents

Next, we got out our old-fashioned spring/analog kitchen scale and sat it beside the EatSmart scale. Even with meticulous handling the old-fashioned scale could not be read close to accurately when given the nickel and quarter test. By this time the whole staff began to squabble over who was going to get to take the new scale home with them after the review testing.

After the staff settled down, this reviewer tested the tare button. We took a plate and set it on the scale, hit the tare button to reset the scale to zero (including the plate). Then we conducted the nickel and quarter test all over again with the same excellent results. The two buttons on the machine are so easy to use and so intuitive that there was no question as to the weight of any item we put on the scale.

EatSmart Kitchen Scale with Nickels on It

The scale goes up to eleven pounds. We did not have enough quarters, but we did have bags of sugar and flour which we keep around for testing out new bread recipes and indulging in a few old ones. The scale continued its record of remarkable accuracy. We even overloaded the scale and found that it did not effect it negatively.

An Old Analog Scale

The scale comes with a slender instruction book, but really nothing more is needed regarding use and maintenance. Two batteries are included with the scale. Our batteries were fresh and worked fine. An EatSmart "Calorie Factor Booklet" is also included with the scale. This is a comprehensive guide to counting calories. It has a list of almost every food and an associated calorie factor, which is basically the number of calories in one gram of any particular item. To calculate the number of calories of any single serving simply weigh the serving and multiply by the calorie factor. The result is the number of calories in any particular item.

This is an excellent scale for anyone on a diet. It would even make a good postal scale. I finally resolved the dispute among our staff on who would get the scale. I decided that it would stay in the BreadInfo test kitchen. We could use a reliable and accurate scale.

The EatSmart kitchen scale is available at

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