Cuisinart CBK 200 Bread Maker Review

The Cuisinart CBK has some outstanding features. The one users might find most convenient is a beep that warns that the machine is about to begin the last rising and baking cycle so that the paddle can be removed. This prevents the loaves from having large holes in the slices where the bread baked around the paddle. The user is directed to hit the pause button to remove the paddle. If the plan is to remove the dough and bake it in the oven, be sure to hit the "stop" button so that the machine does not resume its cycles without any dough in the machine.

Cuisinart CBK

The Cuisinart CBK bread machine also has a convection heating system which ensures even temperature baking of the bread. The machine is preprogrammed for 101 different options which include various types of crust, wheat, pasta, gluten-free, jam, sweet-breads, and a remarkable artisan function which puts the bread through extra kneading cycles, making for a chewier bread.

With a stainless steel chassis and embossed logo, the Cuisinart is an attractive, modernly styled machine. It is not a light machine. Some users have reported that, in some cases, the thermostat allows the temp to get too high, burning loaves unless the crust setting is set on light. However, this experience is far from universal. Cuisinart has pretty good customer service, and will generally quickly replace faulty machines.

In case of losing power, the Cuisinart has a 15 minute memory that will resume the bread cycle where it left off. The user interface is fairly easy with real buttons rather than a touch pad. The manual is short, but to the point and useful. The included cookbook has plenty of recipes to keep the new bread maker busy.

This is an excellent first bread machine. The controls are easy, but will also allow for more complex baking. In a couple of years the more advanced baker will want to step up to the Zojirushi BBCC-X20

All in all, the Cuisinart CBK - 200 is a nice bread machine. It is an excellent buy for the moderate price. It can be purchased through Amazon. It should be noted that we have recieved some negative feedback on the CBK. For more info please click on the comment button below:

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