Breadman TR875 Review

The Breadman TR875 is a nice little machine. It is smaller than other bread makers that make comparable size loaves at one to two pounds. This means that it takes up less valuable counter-space. It has a stainless steel chassis which brings it in line with modern ideas of kitchen decorating.

breadman875Manufacture of the The Breadman TR875 seems to be somewhat inconsistent as it has been reported by some users to be so quiet that they have to look through the window in the removable cover just to make sure it is working. Others report it to be noisy and actually rattle off from the edge of the countertop. In our experience it seems to be fairly average as far as noise creation. As bread makers go, this one runs fairly cool on the sides, but the bottom is comparably hot. Using the machine on a heat resistant surface is recommended.

This machine has cycles for wheat, gluten free, pasta, dough, sweet, French and jam. The gluten free cycle can create problems in dough mixing, requiring that dough be scraped from the sides of the pan during kneading cycles. However, this is typical of most bread machines. The TR875 will sound a beeping alarm as a reminder to add any extra ingredients like raisins or nuts. The control panel is located on the front of the machine, but tilted up for ease of use. The controls are fairly intuitive, and do not require constant reference to the manual to change settings.

The baking pan, like most bread machines has a non-stick surface. This helps to make removal of loaves easy after baking. But it does require that the pan be gently hand-washed after use to avoid scraping off the surface. (Do not use a scratch pad). We have found that these non-stick surfaces are easy to clean with a wet dishrag after a little soaking.

The machine comes with a measuring cup and spoon for good standardization. The super-rapid cycle does make good bread, but going through the full cycle will turn out better bread. The manual is well-written and includes many easy to use recipes.

The loaf is advertised to be horizontal. This is true for one and a half pound loaves, but two pound loaves, though elongated, will prove to be as tall as they are long. With dough that rises excessively there is some danger that the loaf will stick to the lid.

There have been reports that purchasers occasionally receive a refurbished machine rather than a new one.

All in all, the Breadman TR875 is an inconsistent machine. Some will find it an excellent buy for the moderate price. It can be purchased through Amazon.

For those looking for a manual for this machine one can be gotten from the manufacturer by calling 1-800-233-9054.

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