Breadman Ultimate TR2500BC Review

The Breadman Ultimate TR2500BC is made of stainless steel and looks good on the counter-top. Like most bread makers, it is big, heavy, and takes up a fair amount of room. However, this is offset by the quality of the bread it produces.

Breadman Bread Machine tr2500BC Ultimate

With over 300 preprogrammed settings the average user can cook bread any way it is desired. The TR2500BC can make white, wheat, gluten-free, and a huge variety of other breads and even cakes, jams, and jellies. It has a single paddle and an elongated pan. There are advantages to having a single paddle. There are fewer holes in the finished product, and less to go wrong with the apparatus.

The Breadman Ultimate can be set to run up to 24 hours after the ingredients have been loaded. This allows the baker a degree of flexibility. Most other bread machines can only be set for about 13 hours. Another handy feature not found on many other machines is a fruit and nut dispenser, which adds these items during the appropriate cycle; so the user does not have to wait for a timer's beeps, to stop the machine in mid-cycle.

The TR2500BC Ultimate also has a bake only feature, with variable temperature control. So the machine can be used in the manner of an oven, with the ingredients mixed elsewhere. The 60-minute power-failure backup helps save loaves in the case of electrical problems. Although it does have a fair number of buttons on the interface, the control panel is fairly intuitive and allows for a degree of flexibility in controlling bread types. In addition the machine can save up to five personal settings designed by the user. Another handy feature of this machine is the pause button increasing helping to correct errors in the making, or simply doing something fancy.

If there has been one problem with the Breadman Machines in general, it is questionable customer service. The Breadman TR2500BC manual is complete and well-organized. It has plenty of recipes for use with the machine.

The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate is a good bread machine. It will do the job for most average bread makers. It can be purchased through Amazon.

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