Panasonic SD-YD 250 Automatic Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-YD 250 Automatic Bread Maker is a quiet workhorse in the world of bread making.

panasonic sd-yd 250

This is probably one of the more expensive of the home bread machines. Yet a purchaser can justify the cost by noting its sturdy build and its versatility. The Panasonic has variable loaf sizes from 1 pound to 2 1/2 pounds. It can make bagel or pizza dough, quick breads and does a fine job on wheat breads.

The machine has a 13 hour timer that allows a person to delay the breadmaking process; hot bread can be timed for breakfast, or even lunch the next day. To protect the yeast while waiting for the cycles to begin, there is a special compartment that holds the yeast and drops it when needed.

Like most machines, the Panasonic has a beeper that lets the baker know when to add fruit; this prevents damagage to the fruit during kneading cycles. However, it does not have a window to view the bread or dough during processing. Even so, this will not seem a detriment to more experienced bread makers.

The Panasonic SD-YD 250 is a nice machine all around. It has a great reputation for quiet functioning and durability. This is a machine that will be useful in the kitchen for many years. It is a reasonable buy at

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