Oster 5838 ExpressBake

Even though it was designed with express baking in mind the Oster 5838 ExpressBake Bread Maker will also make standard bread. The horizontal pan produces a fine loaf in a very rapid 58 minutes.

bread maker

The Oster makes up to 2 pound loaves using 3 step programing and an easy to understand control panel. There are 18 settings to allow for a variety of breads and crust colors. It will also make pizza dough.

The aluminum pan is sturdy enough to do the job, and the above average sized window allows you to keep an eye on the loaf. The single paddle does an adequate job mixing ingredients, however, it occasionally has some difficulties with raisins or other heavy additives.

There are some convenient features such as the 13 hour time delay and the 60 minute warmer that keeps bread warm after it has finished the baking cycle. Additionally, the Oster's relatively compact size allows it to be stored easily.

There have been some complaints about the top caving in on loaves with this model. We have not found this to be the case and the complaints may be from people using fast rising yeast during the standard time baking process.

All in all, the Oster 5838 is a pretty standard bread machine that will do the job for most people. The price is attractive. It can be purchased through

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