Mixers may vary widely in price. This generally reflects the size, weight and power of the mixer. All the mixers listed below will do a good job within their size and power range. If you are planning on frequently mixing large batches of dough, it is best to buy one of the heavy duty mixers. If you have a variety of culinary masterpieces in mind, then look for a machine with many attachments available. If you only wish to occasionally whip up a batch of cookies, one of the light, inexpensive models will do the trick. Every model comes with a variety of attachments, but nearly all will have a flat beater, a wire whip and a dough hook.
Model: Recent Price: Size: Motor: Comments
Kitchen Aid Expensive, but worth it. 6 Quart 525 Watt Heavy, Rugged and Powerful, comes in a variety of colors. Professional, top of the line. Nice machine for heavy use and big jobs. One year warrantee. Read our review.
Kitchen Aid K45SS250 A little less than 1/2 price of 6qt Kitchen Aid 4 1/2 quart 250 watt Light duty machine that comes in white and almond. Has ten speeds. One year warrantee. Works well, for most purposes. May have a little trouble with large, heavy doughs.
West Bend 12-Speed Stand Mixers with 2 Mixing Bowls Under $150.00 4 or 1 1/2 quarts 300 watts 12-speeds. Electronic sensor detects quantity and adjusts speed accordingly. Dishwasher-safe parts. One year limited warantee.
Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer Under $100.00 2 and 4 Quart 350 watts Very light-duty but still does the job. 12 speeds. Soft start technology. Tilt locking head with bowl selector switch. Includes 2 glass bowls, chrome beaters, whisks, and dough hooks. (19 lbs.)

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