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Mixer Attachments: Pasta Roller, Grinders and More!

more mixer attachments, grinders, paddles, etc. hat can mixers do? A whole lot. Besides making lighter and fluffier cakes, mixers can make bread dough, cookie dough, meat loaf, whipped cream, mashed potatoes, cheese cake, dips, waffles, mayonaise, etc, and that is just with the standard attachments.

A mixer usually comes with a wire whip, a paddle and a dough hook. Because of the power and speed of mixers these attachments are generally sturdy and useful. Although you can get many of the same attachments with a blender, the blender will not be able to do the job as quickly nor in the same quantities. The motor on a blender will not handle doughs or meat dishes.

It would be enough if the utility of mixers stopped there, but there are additional attachments that can be purchased. First, there are pasta rollers that will have you making spaghetti, fettucini, egg noodles, ravioli and all the permutations in between. Pasta is not only a fun food for the kids, but nutritious and packed with energy.

There are also food grinders - for making hamburger or shredded cabbage and there are slicers for potatoes and carrots and apples and more. With the shredder you will be making healthy salads quickly. Just get out the vegetables and put them through your all-in-one tool. You can get many of these mixer attachments all in one package.

Making sausage is a tradition in many homes and there is a mixer attachment that will also help you do this. No dish is quite as special as grilled venison sausage with a side of potatoes. It is the American version of Bangers and Mash.

mixer grain mill attachment A list of the foods that you can prepare with a mixer would go on indefinitely. Foods that you thought you could only get in a restaurant can be made quickly and easily.

Last, and certainly not least, you can even buy a grain mill attachment, so you can make your own flour from wheat, barley, oats or whatever. Nothing tastes better than bread fresh from the oven that has been made from flour fresh from the grain mill. All the oils and nutrients are still there, ready to be enjoyed.

So a mixer isn't just for whipping up a meal for company on the holidays. It's for every day use and as such can make every day special.

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