To help you select the best bread maker, we have made side by side comparisons of each model. You really can't go wrong with any of them. They all make wonderful loaves with relative ease. The more expensive models will have more features, normally make less noise, and have better customer service. Less expensive models will be less flexible, but will still produce high quality bread. In our opinion, probably the best deal is the Zojirushi, which allows the greatest degree of flexibility with highest quality features for an excellent price.
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Zojirushi Supreme Review

Zojirushi Supreme Bread Machine Review
Zojirushi Supreme
The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine is considered the premier bread machine. It has over 100 preprogrammed settings, with 3 additional programmed settings. It has easy to use interface, superlative durability, as well as customer service. It has a preheat feature which ensures consistent performance through rising, baking, and kneading cycles. Also has a sourdough starter cycle.
A+ Buy Zojirushi
West Bend Hi-Rise Breadmaker Review

WestBend Hi-Rise Breadmaker Review
WestBend Hi-Rise Breadmaker
The WestBend Hi-Rise Breadmaker is an excellent value for the money. It is an exceptionally quiet machine, light, yet stable when going through the kneading cycles. The user interface is intuitive, although the LCD display is a bit dim in poor light. It is not programmable, but has enough preprogrammed variety to satisfy most bread makers. The two round viewing windows are an improvement over the usual rectangular ones. Attractive design. All around good machine.
A Buy Zojirushi
Breadman TR875 Review

Breadman TR875 Review Bread Machine Review
Breadman TR875
The Breadman TR875 is an attractive machine with a stainless steel casing. It is Breadman's basic model, and it is a workhorse machine. Performs all the usual functions, including multiple bread functions, crust colors, time bake, and more. The TR875 is relatively lightweight and compact, taking up less room on the counter-top. This is a good machine for the money. We have heard some complaints about customer service. However, Amazon's refund policy means that the purchaser is taking few risks.
B- Buy Breadman TR875
Panasonic SD-YD 250 Review

Panasonic SD-YD 250 Bread Machine Review
Panasonic SD-YD 250 Bread Machine
The Panasonic SD-YD 250 is among the best-selling bread machines. It has all the standard features expected in a modern bread maker. Yeast is actually added by a separate yeast dispenser to allow it to be introduced to the dough at the appropriate time. It has a power interruption recovery feature. If the power goes down for less than 10 minutes, it will remember where it is and resume when power is restored. This machine has a reputation for being quiet. It also is large compared to some other models, so it will take up a deal of counter-space. Well-priced, good value.
A- Buy Panasonic
T-Fal Emerilware Review

T-Fal Emerilware Bread Machine Review
T-Fal Emerilware Bread Machine
The T-Fal Emerilware is very different from the typical bread machine. It can make larger loaves than most machines. Besides making bread in the usual way, it has the unusual capability of being able to make four baguette loaves all at the same time. It comes with the baguette baking pans (as well as the usual pan), measuring implements, and a hook to help remove the paddle from the bread. It is somewhat larger than the average bread machine to accommodate its added features. Of course, it is endorsed by Emeril.
A Buy T-Fal Emerilware
Cuisinart CBK Bread Machine Review

Cuisinart CBK Bread Machine Review
Cuisinart CBK Bread Machine
The Cuisinart CBK Bread Machine has an interesting feature that sets it apart. It will beep to warn the baker that the machine is about to begin the baking cycle, so the baker can remove the paddle. For a nice touch, the interface has real buttons rather than a touch pad. It has the usual cycles and programs, including breads, jams, and cakes, but additionally has an artisan function which puts the bread through extra kneading cycles for chewier bread. It also has an auto-resume in case of power-outage for as long as 15 minutes. (Some negative feedback in our comments section.)
B- Buy Cuisinart CBK
Sundbeam 5891 Breadmaker Review

Oster 5838 Bread Machine Review
Sunbeam 5891 BreadMaker
The Sunbeam 5891 2-pound Bread Machine is a good value for the money, inexpensive, producing nice loaves in a rectangular pan. Nevertheless, some components may not be as durable as in some other machines. This has a one paddle pan that comes with an additional wire kneading paddle for making dough. The manual leaves something to be desired. The recipes ingredients do not seem to be well-thought-out, generally a bit heavy on the yeast which may cause loaves to fall during baking. This will not be a problem for experienced users who already have a list of favorite recipes.
C+ Buy Oster
Oster 5838 Bread Machine Review

Oster 5838 Bread Machine Review
Oster 5838 Bread Machine
The Oster 5838 was designed with the rapid function in mind. (It will also make standard loaves.) Bread can be made, using the proper ingredients in as little as 58 minutes. This is one of the smaller machines available, not taking up too much room on the counter. This machine may be slightly underpowered, and its single paddle may have difficulty with heavier breads, especially gluten-free breads. However, this is a good machine for fast-baking and standard loaves.
B- Buy Oster
Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Review

Breadman Ultimate Bread Machine Review
Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate
The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Breadmachine has an automatic fruit dispenser, adding special ingredients to the dough when required. There is a 60-minute restart feature in case of electrical failure. Over 300 program settings, with room for five personal settings for user recipes. Pause button. Plus a bake only function. Stainless steel casing.
B Buy Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate

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