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Bread Machine Reviews

Bread machines, often called bread makers, have become extremely popular because they allow the average person to custom-make breads with minimum fuss and bother. Even so, bread machines do require a certain amount of exactitude in the adding of ingredients. Most problems that arise in baking bread comes from having too much or too little of a specific ingredient. Check out Bread FAQS for more information on this aspect of bread-making.

Using a Bread Machine or Bread Maker

Breadman Bread Machine tr2500BC Ultimate
Breadman Bread Machine TR2500BC Ultimate

A variety of loaf sizes can be produced from bread makers in variously shaped pans. Sizes range from one to two pound loaves which might be either square or rectangular. It is not necessary to let bread bake in the bread maker. Many use it to do the hard work of preparing the dough, then bake the bread in different ways. This is a method used on some of the recipes on this website.

Some bread machines will have a preheat cycle to warm the ingredients. For bread to raise properly it is best to have the ingredients at room temperature. If your machine does not have this feature, it is very easy to warm the water or milk required in the recipe to even the temperature of the entire batch of dough.

Many machines will have different cycles for different types of bread; for example there may be a "whole wheat cycle" or a "French bread cycle". These vary the raising or kneading time in order to accommodate special recipe requirements.

It is important to note that using the rapid bake cycle on a bread machine will usually result in slightly flatter loaves and will require "fast rising" yeast.

Windows are handy to have on the bread machine, allowing the curious and the fastidious to take a look when necessary or desired. There are also crust color selectors, yeast dispensers and more.

With so many options, bread machines allow for almost infinite possibilities. Bread-making can be as precise or a simple as desired. There are bread machines to fit every personality and every budget. We have a few bread makers in our store that you may wish to take a look at.

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