Review: Kitchen Aid KP2671xmw

The Kitchen Aid KP2671XMW is the top of the Kitchen Aid line. It is a large and attractive machine that covers a fair amount of counter space. It weighs over 30 pounds to prevent counter walk, so if you don't have the space to spare on your countertop, be prepared to do some lifting every time you want to use it. But for most people wanting a heavy-duty, professional grade machine, this will not be a problem.

mixer Able to handle jobs both large and small, this Kitchen Aid has a 525 watt motor. The 6 quart bowl allows you to do double batches of everything from meat loaf to bread. Although the mixer cannot bake bread it has one advantage over bread makers in that it can make enough dough for multiple loaves at a time.

The mixer comes with three attachments, the dough hook, wire whip and the flat beater. It also comes with a 2 piece pouring shield that does an admirable job admitting ingredients even as a batch is being mixed.

Other attachments can be purchased separately and make the mixer very versatile. You can get the food grinder, the slicer and shredder, and the fruit and vegetable strainer all in one package. Each has its own instruction booklet. The attachments are all sturdy, of good quality and perform their functions well. We found the slicer and shredder very handy for salads, fresh and steamed vegetables and more.

attachments For those who buy the machine primarily for making bread there is another attachment (must purchase separately) that will come in handy. The grain mill will allow you to make your own flour to your own specifications, and you can use a variety of grains.

Kitchen Aid is a company that has been around a long time. There are mixers still in operation that are 20-30 years old. The company has a reputation for customer service, and the one year warrantee on the machine is plenty of time to make sure that you have got hold of one destined for a long life. (They are very good about exchanging any defects - there have been historically few.)

The Kitchen Aid KP2671xmw has another interesting feature. It begins mixing gently to prevent flour or ingredients from "puffing" out of the dish. It also varies its speed and power to compensate for the thickness of ingredients. As a top of the line model, it is also possessed of metal gearing, which prevents stripping and mechanical failure.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, top of the line model the Kitchen Aid KP2671xmw is the machine for you. This Kitchen Aid can be purchased through Amazon.

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