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Q. What can I do if bread dough sticks in the corners of the pan durring the mixing cycle?
A. This solution came in from Sarah Gravie: I use the Ultimate Breadman and was having a problem with the dough not mixing in the corners (particularly on one side). The recipe I use calls for 2 tbs. oil. I started putting 1/2 tbs. of oil in each corner of the pan before adding the water (prior to that, I put in the water first, then oil) and that solved the problem. Now I see very little (if any) flour on the outside of the loaf. Otherwise, we are very happy with the machine. (Thank you Sarah!)

Ugly Bread

Q. Why does my bread machine turn out flat loaves?
A. First, check to see whether you are using all-purpose or bread flour. Bread flour contains more gluten which helps the bread rise. Also check to be sure you have used enough sugar - which the yeast feed on. Artificial sweeteners may not provide sufficient food for the yeast. Make sure all ingredients are warm or at least room temp, as lower temperatures can inhibit yeast, yet temperatures higher than 110 degrees may kill the yeast. Too much butter or shortening may also inhibit the yeast.

Q. Why did my bread collapse?
A. This can be a sign that you are using too much liquid. Cut back a bit.

Q. My bread rose too much. What happened?
A. Just as the yeast needs nutritious sugar to work its magic, it also must be restrained from becoming too active. Salt performs this function.

Q. What is wheat bran?
A. Wheat bran is a product (not terribly unlike wheat germ only more powdery) that you can buy in small quantities (1 lb bags) at the grocery store in the flour isle. Usually bread recipes don't call for more than 1/4 cup of wheat bran. It gives a deeper and richer taste to the bread and is great for the digestive track.

Q. I am looking for some information on older models of bread machines that I might find at a garage sale. What have you got?
A. For those of you looking at old models on EBay or other venues we have dug up some links to some of our past reviews of machines no longer manufactured:

Q. Why doesn't my whole grain bread have that nice stretchy quality that some bakery breads have?
A. That stretchy, chewy quality found in some breads comes from the addition of gluten. It can also be fostered by additional kneading cycles. Gluten is available in stores and online.

Q. I can't eat yeast, is there any way I can make bread without it?
A. It won't be the same consistency as bread made with yeast. However, there are several bread recipes that use baking soda instead of yeast. Try Yeastless Wheat Bread.

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