Farberware FBO 300

***Special Note - To our knowledge this item is no longer available.***

The Farberware FBO 300 is a surprising machine that combines the functions of a bread maker with a toaster oven and a convection oven.

bread maker

As a bread maker it performs quite well. It will bake a nice 2 pound horizontal loaf that makes your mouth water. A drawback of this particular horizontal pan is that it has only one paddle. In the smaller base of a vertical pan this is not a problem, but in a horizontal pan this can occasionally result in incomplete mixture of ingredients (note: we did not experience incomplete mixing ourselves).

The Farberware Bread Machine will do most of the work that the normal dedicated bread machine will do. You can make dough, pizza dough, bagels and more. There is a color crust selector and the Farberware also has a rapid rise function that allows you to make bread in under and hour. Don't forget that the rapid rise functions on all machines require special ingredients.

All, in all, the Farberware is a nice little bread maker, though it does have a reputation for being a bit noisier than the average bread machine. Yet, if this were only a bread maker, we would likely recommend less expensive models that could do the same thing. However, the added functionality you get with the Convection Oven and the Toaster Oven give the Farberware a different dimension.

The FBO 300 is also a toaster oven, so that you can make bagels in the bread maker one day and toast them at breakfast the next. It will toast up to 4 pieces of bread at a time. There are no other bread machines that have this versatility.

What is more, the 1500 watt unit can also bake dishes at temps up to 500 degrees. Thus, it can serve as a second oven, or even a primary unit for those living in cramped quarters. It comes with a roasting pan for good measure. But don't expect to roast 25 pound turkeys.

The control panel is adequate, but does not come with a number pad or dial. Increments of time and temperature are made with arrow buttons. This makes the machine slightly less convenient, yet it is still quite functional.

The FBO 300 is a nice machine all around. *** SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE ***

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