Breadman T4000

***Note: This item no longer generally available.***

The latest top of the line model from Breadman is the T4000 Ultimate. Its new features and high quality features make this one of the best machines on the market.

bread makerOf course, the Breadman T4000 can do everything your ordinary bread machine can do, make a variety of breads, doughs, bagels, pizza doughs and then builds on top of that. It will also make jam and quick breads. With over 300 state of the art programs, you can hardly fail to find a recipe that will fit your taste and your lifestyle.

A handy feature that you will not find with your average bread machine is an automatic dispenser for late cycle additions like raisins, apples, nuts or whatnot. Just be careful the raisins aren't too sticky.

The Breadman T4000 has a single bread paddle and a horizontal pan. Some have reported incomplete mixture of ingredients, but we have not experienced this problem ourselves.

With a horizontal pan the Breadman makes traditional style loaves. It has a nice size window, if you like to keep an eye on the bread as it works. The delay timer gives you a long 24 hours, to help you use your time more effectively. The machine is rapid bake capable, but remember, these rapid bake cycles do require special and more costly ingredients than regular bread.

The machine is controlled by patented touch activated PDA style LCD control screens that are intuitive and easy to use.

If you want good bread, flexible control and a reliable machine, the Breadman T4000 Ultimate Bread Machine is a good buy. It can be purchased through

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