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Bread Machine Reviews

BBreadInfo was created way back in 2000 by a fanatical bread maker. W.J. Rayment is the author of The Real Man's Cookbook and has written scores of well-read articles on other facets of cooking, baking and food-preservation.

About BreadInfo

BreadInfo was originally conceived as a one-stop-spot where people could come to learn everything possible about bread. The idea was to make it a repository of useful and interesting information. This is why we included sections on how to grow your own wheat and also to mill your own flour. And yes, ultimately, these are important factors in making bread. Most people won't want to take the trouble, but for some, growing and milling are vital activities.

This site is part of the InDepthInfo Network. Yet BreadInfo is its own brand and has its own distinctive look. This was because the editor decided that bread was so important a topic that it needed to have its own domain. He said, "We are talking bread here, not crackers." Everyone thought it was a pitiful analogy, but we understood what he meant.

We work hard to keep the site current with new bread recipes, and bread machine reviews. We hope that the reader derives as much pleasure from this site as went into making it. This is one of those cases where making bread daily helps us make our daily bread!

This website adheres to privacy policies. If you have any questions, or comments, or would like to contribute a recipe, please contact us by using the contact link at the bottom of any page on this website.

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